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Oct 07
Corporate Flight Attendant Culinary Courses

Culinary and Service Training Resources AOC INFLIGHT CATERING Location: Las Vegas, NV CORPORATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT TRAINING Location: Philadelphia, PA & Virtual THE CORPORATE SCHOOL OF ETIQUETTE Location: Long Beach, CA DAVINCI INFLIGHT TRAINING INSTITUTE Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Global Crew Prestige Location: Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and other locations worldwide. British Butler Institute Location: […]

Oct 06
Private Jet Galley and Inflight Dining

PRIVATE JET GALLEY AND INFLIGHT DINING Private jet travel epitomizes luxury and exclusivity, and every detail is meticulously curated to offer an unparalleled experience. One crucial aspect of private jet travel is the galley, the heart of culinary operations onboard. With limited space but limitless possibilities, the galley plays a pivotal role in crafting exquisite […]

Mar 29
Hierarchy of Caterers

THE HIDDEN HIERARCHY OF AVIATION CATERERS When it comes to inflight dining, the quality of catering services significantly influences the overall passenger experience. Behind the scenes, brokers, inflight managers, and flight attendants play crucial roles in orchestrating these culinary arrangements. However, their decisions regarding whom they choose to order catering from can profoundly impact the […]